We are currently seeking a talented and motivated candidate to join the research group at an emerging biotech company focused on cellular therapeutics. We are looking for someone excited to contribute to the company’s efforts to develop next-generation cell therapies for solid tumor malignancies. The successful candidate will have cell biology and immunology background, and who thrives in a collaborative cross-functional team environment. The Research Associate will perform experiments, organize and analyze results and communicate effectively.


Responsibilities include:

  • Execute various in vitro cellular assays using a variety of instrumentation, including flow cytometry and advanced cytotoxicity analysis as well as the phenotypic and functional characterization of CAR T cells and tumor cell lines
  • Use lentiviral vectors to genetically modify freshly isolated T lymphocytes
  • Expansion and cryopreservation of CAR T cells
  • Genetic engineering of primary CAR T cells and tumor cell lines
  • Data collection, analysis, and detailed record keeping
  • Characterization of modified primary T lymphocytes and tumor cells using standard immunological assays including flow cytometry


  • B.S. / M.S degree in Cell Biology, Immunology or other related fields and 2+ years of laboratory experience in an academic, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical setting
  • Experience with multi-color flow cytometry
  • Experience with cell culturing, ideally with various assays for primary T and CAR T cell effector function including target cell killing, cytokine production, and expansion
  • Experience with genetic modification of cell lines is highly desirable
  • Excellent communication, organization, and data analysis skills are a must
  • Positive outlook, willingness to learn and contribute, and a team-oriented attitude Working conditions and physical requirements
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