Tune & Track
Affinity Tuned CAR T Cells for Solid Tumors

Unlocking the Full Potential of CAR T Cell Therapies

AffyImmune is harnessing the power of the body’s own immune system to seek and destroy cancer cells by overcoming the immunotherapy challenges for solid tumors. AffyImmune’s proprietary “Tune & Track” technology enhances the ability of a patient’s own immune cells to attack and destroy solid tumors, while avoiding damage to normal cells and tissues.


Our core focus is on fine-tuning the affinity of CAR T cells to selectively kill tumor cells while sparing healthy cells to prevent toxicity and ensuring more natural, robust, and long-lasting activity of the CAR T cells. We engineer our CAR T cells to be monitorable in real-time in patients during treatment.


The leadership team combines a depth of experience in biotechnology drug development with a passion for creating new, patient-centric, life-saving treatments.


Our “Tune & Track” technology is currently being applied to multiple target antigens for the treatment of various solid tumors.