Cracking the CAR T Code for Solid Tumors

AffyImmune is a clinical stage biotech company bringing the benefits of CAR T to the majority of cancer patients

Our Science

AffyImmune is developing the next generation of cellular therapies to enhance the ability of a patient’s own immune system to detect and eliminate tumor cells where ICAM-1 is overexpressed.

Affinity Tuning

With its groundbreaking approach, AffyImmune fine tunes the affinity of CAR T cells to selectively kill tumor cells while sparing healthy cells.

Noninvasive Monitoring

AffyImmune engineers CAR T cells to be monitorable – non-invasively – in patients during treatment.

Focus on ICAM-1

ICAM-1 is a master regulator of many essential cellular functions at the onset and resolution of pathological conditions. AffyImmune is focused on cancers where ICAM-1 overexpression plays a key role.

Clinical Indications

Although most thyroid cancers are curable, prognosis is very poor for anaplastic and refractory thyroid cancers (ARTC). AffyImmune's lead candidate, AIC100, is an ICAM-1-directed CAR T therapy being developed for patients with ARTC.

Featured News

November 17, 2023

AffyImmune Therapeutics Awarded Best Oncology R&D Advance Scrip Award 2023

October 3, 2023

AffyImmune Therapeutics to Present at 2023 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

September 21, 2023

AffyImmune Therapeutics Named 2023 Scrip Award Finalist for Best Oncology R&D Advance

May 25, 2023

AffyImmune Therapeutics Announces Positive Safety and Early Efficacy Results from Phase 1 Study of AIC100 CAR T Cells in Anaplastic and Advanced Thyroid Cancers at 2023 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting