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AffyImmune’s lead product, AIC100, is an affinity-tuned, ICAM-1 targeted, third generation CAR T-cell therapy. AIC100’s CAR has an affinity to ICAM-1 similar to the affinity between naturally-occurring T cells and their targets, which is much lower than most CARs used to date and reduces on-target off-tumor toxicities. AIC100 also expresses SSTR2 for real-time monitoring of CAR T cell distribution and activity and may also be used as a safety and activation switch using several FDA approved drugs.

Preclinical studies demonstrate that AIC100 induces robust and enduring tumor eradication without toxicity-related relapse or fatality in various solid tumor models. Studies also suggest the potential for combination with anti-PD-1 therapies.

AffyImmune is developing AIC100 for ARTC, gastric cancer and TNBC. An IND for a Phase I clinical trial of our lead compound in patients with ARTC has been submitted to the FDA and approved for patient enrollment.

Dual-Targeted and Novel Affinity-Tuned CARs

We are applying our unique affinity-tuning technology to develop dual-targeted affinity-tuned CAR T-cell therapies, as well as generating novel affinity-tuned CARs. These programs are currently in discovery phase.


AffyImmune’s Phase I Clinical Trial in the United States is enrolling patients. This clinical trial will test the safety, tolerability, and activity of AIC100 in ARTC patients.
For more information about our clinical trial, please contact us or visit the NIH website for the study record detail.

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Our Expanded Access Policy (EAP) refers to the use of an investigational cell therapy outside of a clinical trial. Sometimes called “compassionate use”, expanded access is a potential pathway for a patient to gain access to investigational therapies in certain rare circumstances in which a person has no other available therapies or is not eligible to participate in a current AffyImmune clinical trial.
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